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11 / 08 / 22
Cinema 4D / Photoshop / DAZ Studios / Quixel Bridge

Client Name

Conner Allens, the founder of Meurem, commissioned me to design a visual love story for their SS22 clothing collection. The project had two alternative endings, with the aim of creating a dramatic and bittersweet visual experience. I was provided with a brief on the visual story that Conner wanted to convey, and I was shown themes from popular animes and photographic mood boards to help me further understand his vision. 

Inspirations from animes like Berserk and Neon Genesis Evangelion were used in the design process. Throughout the design process, I faced some limitations and troubleshooting due to recent software updates. I encountered challenges when creating the more demonic visuals, but alternative solutions using software like Photoshop proved to be helpful when designing the more peaceful visuals, which were requested later by Meurem.

The story begins with two lovers, deeply intertwined and connected. The first set of images portrays them surrounded by green fields, with a clear lightness filling the air, creating a serene atmosphere. They hold onto each other as if understanding the fleetingness of the moment and the importance it holds. In the second setting, however, the lovers are surrounded by an eroding and corrosive environment.

As they are consumed by the chaos around them, they hold onto one another as if their lives depend on it. Despite being in a chaotic situation, they find stillness and comfort in the existence of one another. Their love remains the same regardless of their environment, raising the question of which reality is true. The reality they share is not dictated by the promised land or endless purgatory they find themselves in. Their truth lies in the moments they share together. For as long as they are bound, they each are each other's only reality.

Meurem's work

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