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06 / 07 / 23
Photoshop / Illustrator / Mid Journey AI

Client Name

The objectives of the rebranding personal project for "Taste of the Middle East" were to create a more current aesthetic that integrates elements of Islamic geometric patterns in a modern way, develop a cohesive set of icons representing Music, Dance, Art, and Food, apply a consistent graphic system across marketing channels, foster a platform of expression for young people to engage with Middle Eastern heritage, build cultural pride and a sense of community belonging, and expand audience diversity by attracting individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

During the research phase, I explored Islamic geometric patterns, delving into their historical and cultural significance as well as their symbolism. This research provided valuable insights that influenced my design choices, including the selection of colours. In addition to the patterns themselves, I researched colour symbolism to ensure that the chosen colours aligned with the intended messages and emotions. To adapt these patterns for modern applications, I tested innovative ways to incorporate them into various use cases. For example, I experimented with filling the geometric patterns with photography created with Mid Journey AI for the festival, creating visually accurate imagery that captured the essence of the event. Additionally, I utilized these patterns to design social media content and posters, to enhance the festival's online presence and engage the audience with attractive visuals.

To address the absence of an official platform, an editorial direction was adopted not only to showcase the rebrand and festival but also to provide ongoing branding and event opportunities. This strategy aimed to transform "Taste of the Middle East" into more than just a seasonal festival, but rather a brand offering services and experiences to a dedicated audience interested in further investment and engagement with the brand.

Taste of the Middle East

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