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10 / 05 / 23
Blender / Photoshop / Premiere Pro

Client Name

For this personal assignment, I used a combination of storyboarding, 3D modeling, and animation to create an visually appealing and engaging animation. To begin, I made a series of sketches to outline the main storyline of the animation. Then, I moved on to creating 3D models of the different assets needed for the animation and banner.

I carefully crafted a detailed 3D model of the REM package, the product, by referring to reference images. Using Blender, I also modeled additional components like the patch and arm. Once the 3D modeling was finished, I exported the different scenes to Premiere Pro. In Premiere Pro, I added text and applied color grading to enhance the visuals. Throughout the entire creative process, I aimed to maintain a design and animation style that was simple yet humorous and slightly cheesy. The intention was to appeal to a wide audience, with plans to include different tattoos and skin tones in order to promote diversity within the campaign.

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