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30 / 06 / 22
​Blender / Substance Painter / Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere Pro

Client Name

"Project Peace of Mind" was an experimental project that proved to be an insightful and valuable experience in my self-taught 3D modelling journey. The project provided me with an opportunity to explore and implement advanced techniques to add more detail to my digital sculptures. Additionally, it facilitated my familiarity with features that I was not previously comfortable using.

For instance, as someone who primarily works with animation in Cinema 4D, this project presented an opportunity for me to expand my skill set by creating my first animation using Blender, which was a rewarding experience. Furthermore, the most beneficial aspect of this project was the general workflow information I gained through troubleshooting issues that I encountered along the way. This process of learning how to overcome challenges and obstacles proved to be an invaluable experience, and I am confident that it will allow me to produce faster results in future renders.

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