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06 / 01 / 22
​Blender / Photoshop / Substance Painter

Client Name

At the start of the new year, I had the pleasure of designing an album cover for a friend Thomas Mclaughlin titled Pale Eyelids Freckle, which consisted of abstract and evolving beats throughout the entire album that offers a sense of nostalgia. The design concept he communicated was "unique and different yet nothing too crazy but questionable and visually appealing."

At the time, I was slowly relearning 3D sculpting and offered the idea of doing a human figure curled in a fetal position surrounded by abstract objects and wrapped in a bone-like form. The idea came to me as I listened to sample tracks which offered levels of contrasting tones at varying phases that felt as if you were experiencing numerous emotions at once. The most comparable representation of that I felt was the human fetal position, and when combined with unusual objects, it would highlight the areas needed for the cover.

Listen to the album

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