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13 / 09 / 22
Blender / Premiere Pro

Client Name

As a professional graphic designer, I had the privilege of working on a design proposal for Meurem, a bespoke clothing brand. The objective of the project was to provide an immersive ambiance experience for advertising and social media purposes through short animations. Titled "Meurem's Perspectives," the series of mini-animations immerse viewers in various environments, each accompanied by audio to enhance the overall visual experience.

The project involved creating a range of immersive animations, from the calming breeze of the forests to the hustle and bustle of the city life. The animation sequence concludes with the tranquil sounds of the ocean and dramatic sandstorms of the desert, each of which effectively transports the viewer to a different atmosphere. The final design is an vivid and captivating collection of animations that effectively conveys the essence of Meurem's brand and enhances its overall marketing strategy

Meurem's work

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