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04 / 10 / 22
​ Illustrator

Client Name

The proposed design for the logo of Meurem's bespoke clothing brand is an abstract approach utilizing calligraphic letterforms within a halo shape. The intent behind the design is to convey the brand message "The Light That Illuminates All" by extruding and deforming the original text shape outwards. The inspiration for the final design for me came from the silhouette of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ. The calligraphic style resembling thorns during the design process and the text provided further influenced the design. To enhance the logo, I continued refining it by exaggerating line detailing in the outer and inner parts, which adds a unique and eye-catching appeal to the design. 

Additionally, the integration of an interwoven and flow-like design adds a sense of continuity to the overall logo, making it more cohesive. The logo offers three variations that can be utilized for various use cases and placement scenarios. The variations ensure the logo remains consistent and versatile while maintaining its integrity across multiple mediums, such as print and digital. The logo variations have been carefully crafted to allow the brand to be presented in different ways while still remaining recognizable and reflective of the brand's values and message.

Meurem's work

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